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Vision, Mission and Values

Our strategic direction is set on the basis of an inspiring vision, mission and a set of shared values which guide our behaviours in everything we do. Our investments will help pioneer future energy and create long term value for our shareholders.

Our Vision

We have the ambition to become one of the leading energy companies of the world, pioneering future energy.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally sound energy solutions. We aspire to achieve this by living our values, which drive every decision and action we take. We encourage talents and we truly count on skills and creativity of our team to achieve excellence in everything we do.

Our Values

Safety as a priority:

We believe in conducting our business in a safe and sustainable way.

Pursuing excellence:

We believe in the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

Collaboration and teamwork:

We believe we are better when we work together.

Continuous improvement and knowledge:

We always strive to get better. We share our know-how, expertise and ideas with each other. We apply the lessons we learn.

Honesty, Integrity and transparency:

We set the highest standard of corporate governance. We are open and honest with each other, our partners and stakeholders.

Commitment to environment:

We understand our impact on the environment and we work towards a more sustainable industry.