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The Nebras Power management approach leverages knowledge from best asset management practices from process industry and the energy sector. This is focused upon renewable energy, specifically wind, solar, and concentrated solar, reciprocating combustion engine technology, hydro, clean gas combined cycle gas turbines in gas to power or gas to water configurations, and clean coal technology.

Nebras Power is committed to ensure it fulfills all obligations within its portfolio and places specific emphasis within the asset management areas to support operational business in the various markets we serve.

Each technology platform benefits from the same management philosophy and organizational approach to bring forward an evolution of performance at all levels within the business.

Amongst the areas of focus are the human capital management needs, the business process platforms, and the organizational resources to support the sustainable management of the business portfolio.

This approach in combination is defined to deliver:

  • Safe and healthy work environments at Nebras Power businesses for all staff, contractors, consultants and other visitors,
  • Maximum returns for the company and the stakeholder group,
  • Continuous improvement in business performance,
  • Effective leadership and executive support arrangements within the context of the form and functions of the Board of Directors and Executive Committees of the portfolio businesses,
  • Support business growth and specific business development efforts in target markets,
  • Support to the risk identification and risk treatments within our portfolio,
  • Investment in people to enhance competencies and capabilities to execute,
  • A performance environment that facilitates a performance culture which delivers corporate goals and objectives and is supported by a range of business and key business performance indicators,
  • Consolidated data flow and information management process to support informed portfolio decision making,
  • Appropriate operations and maintenance direction, guidance, and information in support of business technical, commercial, legal, regulatory, and other stakeholder needs,
  • Open and collaborative work environments based around information exchange, transparency, and access to lessons learned,
  • Innovation and entrepreneurial approaches within the context of the risk profile determined for the company,
  • Benchmarking and best in class comparisons to allow leverage of new knowledge within our portfolio,
  • Tracking of technology developments and assessment of the potential for application within our portfolio or as part of business development actions,
  • Sustainability initiatives through considered stakeholder engagements and commitment management action.