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Principles of Sustainability

At Nebras Power, we consistently embed the evolving principles of sustainability in our business because we believe that operating in a way that is safe, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable is integral to our success.

We have laid a foundation that addresses not merely today's best practices, but ensures our long-term capability to adapt to market conditions and to efficiently continue delivering positive value and growth to our stakeholders.

Nebras Power's clear strategic focus, coupled with effective corporate governance, robust management systems and processes, and a deep commitment to people, planet and all our stakeholders, position our company as a long-term global player in the power and utility sectors

Driving our Sustainability:

We embrace our responsibility, as a global strategic investor, to contribute building a more sustainable global economy for future generations.

We work with our stakeholders to deliver business success and growth while protecting the environment, promoting economic and social benefits, and developing the capability of our people.

Our Key Pillars of Sustainability


We stand for the welfare of our people and their health and safety at work. We build competitive edge through our people engagement and we invest in their growth. We are committed to protect and promote human and labour rights and to build an ethical and sustainable supply chain.


We want to be recognized as global strategic investors who believe in the pursuit of excellence in everything we do, from the identification of the investment opportunities, through their development and then their management across the assets life. We strive for the operational integrity of our businesses in the markets where we operate.

We set the highest standards of corporate governance, business ethics and compliance. We actively take part in the fight against corruption and unethical business practices


We live our responsibility towards the environment and the planet by promoting renewable energy and the use of technologies which enable energy efficiency and energy conservation.


We continuously push beyond the frontier of innovation.

We invest in innovative technologies aimed at boosting performance, improving safety and reducing the environmental impact of our activities and finally at promoting the socio-economic development of the Communities in which we operate.

We scout emerging, disruptive technologies both in and outside the power and utilities industries.


We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. We invest in and partner with the societies in which we operate, we strive for their socio-economic development and we support a wide range of environmental, educational, health-related and cultural initiatives.

Our inclusive business model aims at exchanging knowledge with the local communities and workers and at creating new market opportunities for local suppliers and subcontractors, including by strengthening their competitiveness and capabilities.