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Asset Management Approach

Nebras Power's knowledge and skills sets are evolving to cover the technology types which Nebras Power now expects to see within the balanced portfolio it is developing. This demand is addressed by adopting human capital solutions optimized against the emerging character of the Nebras Power business portfolio.

Our asset management approach seeks to adopt best asset management practices from renewable energy, specifically wind, solar, and concentrated solar, power or gas to water configurations, clean coal, and hydro. By the systematic and coordinated applications of knowledge, process, and logistics we shall enable the through-life optimization of our asset portfolio.

The critical evaluation of risks within the business is to be undertaken in conjunction with our joint venture partners to allow fully informed decision making to be applied in the delivery of business performance; businesses now receive full support on a range of business critical matters.

The objective is to assure sustainable management and performance outcomes as Nebras Power grows, and we identify the expansion potential of our portfolio. Continual learning and knowledge development are core objectives with each business seen as a center of insight into technology, market and regulatory developments.

Our asset management practices will rely upon gathering data from each asset within our portfolio and conducting analysis using our platform tools. New initiatives seeking to link data from operational technology platforms, via advanced thermal monitoring platforms which will direct commercial data direct to Nebras Power systems, are seen as a significant step forward. Through this we expect to enhance our ability to partner, collaborate, and cooperate in the development, delivery and the operational execution of the Nebras Power business.

Performance of the portfolio will in part rely upon delivering the appropriate levels of asset support at the different stages of the business life cycle against the specific goals of all our key stakeholders: partners, financial institutions, multilaterals and export credit agencies, credit rating agencies. This asset support shall in itself be risk based where we expect to take account of those factors drawing or influencing the manifestation of reduced business performance.

These practices are expected to deliver amongst other things: discrete risk management of the portfolio, performance management at the business level, ongoing compliance and effectiveness of governance controls, assured processes to fully demonstrate regulatory and statutory requirements are being upheld, improved insight on and oversight of human capital management, a holistic view of staff development and their wellness, safety culture and environmental performance, assured long-term planning, capital investment planning, portfolio optimization studies and scenario modelling, stakeholder engagement and satisfaction, technology watch, and the evolution of advanced technology cycles having applications for our sector.