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Business Development Manager (Multiple Positions)

Business Development Manager
Job Number
Job Entity
Business Development
Posting Date
Closing Date
Direct Supervisor (Solid)
Head of Business Development
Job Purpose Summary

The incumbent will be responsible to analyze local business opportunities, market trends, and regional / international developments. Ensure potential opportunities and trends are communicated to the Head of Business Development and that these align with Nebras's overall Business Development Strategy. The Incumbent will be responsible for all activities taking place within the area with a main focus on liaising and networking with main business partners to identify opportunity. Incumbent acts as the first point of contact with business partners and has a main role in filtering opportunities and identify technically viable and profitable ones.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities by Dimensions

A. Business Acumen:

  • Demonstrate clear understanding of the important factors behind company's financial & non-financial performance.
  • Display a good understanding of the major economies / relevant geographies in which the Company operates and of those economies that could have an impact on the Company' s business.
  • Take leading role in understanding of external & internal environment (economic, political, social, competitive and regulatory factors) and ensure that the same is captured in business planning process. Also make sure that the same is reflected in financial & non-financial KPIs.
  • Understand competitor strategy, product/service offerings and key differentiators.
  • Utilize industry information to improve business performance.
  • Stay abreast of competitive practices and environment, seek ways to create new areas of competitive advantage for the business.

B. Drive for Results:

  • Continually raise performance standards & bar of expectations.
  • Endeavour for superior performance & take personal accountability to meet deadlines in rapidly changing, ambiguous environment & unfavourable conditions.

C. Managing Relationships:

  • Build relationships and establish credibility as a trusted advisor for colleagues and other stakeholders.

D. Internal (Processes, Products, Regulatory):

  • Research and analyze business trends in the regional markets to identify new investment opportunities and ventures at targeted locations as per Nebras's overall growth strategy.
  • Analyze the macroeconomic factors that influence the economies and investments of countries targeted by Nebras and forecast movements in economic indicators, such as interest rates and currencies.
  • Conduct detailed quantitative and qualitative market research to seek new opportunities and business ventures within the allocated region.
  • Initiate, study, and manage various market research studies and special reports.
  • Carry out market needs analysis studies to identify potential business development needs and requirements.
  • Assist in the development and launch of new project opportunities, identify further market opportunities and assess market size, define potential project concepts in the concerned industry, conduct market testing, assess competitive pressures and develop pro-forma analysis of all priority sector opportunities
  • Develop and implement technical methods and procedures for monitoring potential investment opportunities in order to compile and present reports to the management.
  • Ensure that the Head of Business Development is updated with the latest market analysis and strategic plans as well as the technical analysis and financial impact/outcome of all growth and expansion plans as it relates to the Nebras's strategic goals and objectives.
  • Build strong working relationships with market research firms, including external consultants and auditors and any other key sources for relevant market information.
  • Present a technical feasibility analysis related to an opportunity on hand and highlight on key risks/ issues linked to this opportunity.
  • Coordinate with the Financial Analysts within the M&A team to prepare a financial study and feasibility assessment based on an estimation on the forecasted profits and cost analysis of the opportunity.
  • Ensure high standards of confidentiality to safeguard commercially sensitive information.

E. Alignment with organizational vision and values:

  • Drive organization's vision and values across the division.

F. Decision Making:

  • Take decision with limited information and ambiguous situations.
  • Take unpopular and tough decisions in the interest of the organization.

G. Resource Planning & Execution:

  • Structure Division /depts. and organize work; establish priorities; anticipate resources needed and allocate resources when planning the work of others.
Education/Experience Requirements
  • University degree in Engineering with emphasis on Civil or Power from a recognized university. Second degree in Business Administration is preferred.
  • Minimum of 10-15 years of Business Development experience of which 8 years should be in a similar position/responsibilities preferably in a similar industry.

* As Nebras requires a high level of expertise, the above mentioned educational requirements are compensated for through extensive years of experience in a related sector or field.

Required Special Skills
  • Strong analytical capability.
  • Good communication and presentation skills.
  • Good adaptability to multinational environment, with wide exposure to various cultures and customs.
  • Good technical understanding of assets and Power and Utilities Investments
  • Ability to work with teams from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Framework and Boundaries
  • Company's overall strategic plan
  • Applicable policies and procedures
  • Delegated and re-delegated authorities as per the delegation of authority structure
Communications and Working Relationships
  • Frequent contact and direct reporting line to Head of Business Development to provide progress updates, resolve issues and receive higher approval where necessary.
  • Contact with regulators and external legal consultants
Supervisory Responsibilities
  • Solid line reporting: Head of Business Development.
  • Dotted line reporting: Chief Business Development Officer